12 Years A Slave – A Must See


I just returned home to St. Louis after attending the Fox Searchlight press junket for the movie Black Nativity in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills.  Although I really enjoyed the press junket, I was totally unprepared for the chaos that I ran into at LAX when I tried to depart.  It was total chaos.  There was a shooting at the airport.  The shooter was shot but not before he killed a TSA agent and wounded others.  As a result, the airport was on lockdown.  Officials closed it until 4p.m. that evening.  I did not arrive home until after 12 Midnight this morning!  Talk about a day from hell

So you know what I did to relieve such stress the next day?  Right, I went to the movies!  My sister and I went to one of the coolest movie houses in the city, the Moolah Theater and Lounge and saw the much talked about 12 Years A Slave.  As we sat glued to our seats to watch the 2 hour and 13 minute movie, I noticed that the audience was so mesmerized by this story that not a word was being said.  You could hear a pen drop as we watched slaves being beaten raw in the name of God and women having to give their bodies and souls up to the “Master” just to survive.

The Steve McQueen directed pic stars Chiwetel Ejiofor as Solomon Norththrup, a free man from Saratoga, New York who was tricked, kidnapped and sold into slavery on the 1800s.  12 Years A Slave is the true story of Solomon’s journey from freedom to slavery and back to freedom.  It shows all the raw emotions of what it’s like to have freedom and the next day find that and your whole life gone.

Brad Pitt serves as one of the producers of this gripping movie which depicts the horrors of slavery from a different point of view.  Ejiofor gives a heart wrenching, Oscar worthy performance.  12 Years A Slave also stars  Michael Fassbender, Benedict CumberbatchPaul Dano, Paul Giamatti and Lupita Nyong’o.  All gave stunning performances.

This is one of the best movies of the year.  Go see it!

Your Black Chic At The Movies,

Lin. Woods


Click here to see trailer:  http://bit.ly/1gkjA3J

Lin. Woods

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